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Admissions & Enrollment

Welcome to the World of Cambridge!


Candidate seeking admission to the school have to apply for registration in the prescribed form from February & March every year. The registered applicants will be called for admission tests/ interviews.

Enrollment Process

Essential at the time of Admission for all students:

  1. Satisfactory performance in the Admission test/Interviews.

  2. From Class II : Original Transfer Certificate from the previous recognised school.

  3. Admission fee as notified. 

  4. 2 passport size photographs of the student.

  5. A certificate of Medical fitness issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

  6. Fulfilment of age requirement on the Ist April of the academic session:

Pre-Nursery -2½ Years

Nursery - 3½ Years

KG -4½ Years

I -5½ Years

+ One year for every higher class.


Notice of one calendar month in writing or one month's fee in lieu thereof must be given before a student can be withdrawn. However, if the notice is given for withdrawal in the month of April or May, fee for the entire quarter and other annual charges have to be paid. Transfer certificate will be issued only when all school dues have been settled.

Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:

  1. Disciplinary Action

  2. Unsatisfactory Progress in Studies

  3. Repeated detention in the same class

  4. Non-payment of fee as per Fee Payment Schedule.

Fee Structure 2024-25
CSR FEE STRUCTURE 2024-2025 ( Pre-nur.-5th) ... 2 copy.jpg
CSR FEE STRUCTURE 2024-2025 ( 6th to 12th) ...123.jpg
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